09-28-2018 El Show del Dr. Roy Aranda 02 con Deena Abbe, David Sperling

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  1. Constantinos A. Mihelis COZ

    The Second Showing of the Dr. Aranda Show was Fantastic! The Guests were Fascinating, The Host was Spot on! I Loved the Back and Forth between the Immigration Attorney David, and the Psychologist Deena! The Host, Dr. Aranda, kept Everything running So Smoothly! The show resonated a whole Lot of Flare! It was Enjoyable and Very Worth While! The First two Episodes of this Show, were Both Fantastic! I Now eagerly await the Arrival of the third episode! I Anticipate Great Guests, and Very Meaningful Questions from the Host, Come 3rd Show! Hopefully the 3rd Episode will Follow Suit, and be as Magnificent as the first Two!!!!!!!!!


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